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Digimon and Pokemon Plush Patterns by Plushbox Digimon and Pokemon Plush Patterns by Plushbox
I am often asked for Plush Commissions concerning these Plushies shown above. Unfortunately I am not able to accept Commissions of all of them Also the problem often is, that sending plushies abroad (except of Europe) can be very expensive when you live in Germany ... in some cases the same amount when you would sew the plush only.

So I thought it might be interesting for you, to order patterns with instructions only and maybe complete sets with fabric (except of the filling stuff).

So you just need the filling stuff and your skills and you will be able to sew the plush, because sending fabric or paper is more cheaper than sending complete filled plushies.

Examples of my patterns you will find in my gallery, although the sold patterns will look in another way.

So if anyone of you is interested in a simple plush pattern commission, please note me.

This only belongs to these simple plushies, not to plushies like for example my Palmon or Pidgey plush.

At the end the pattern will be in a pdf-file as well, so you will be able to get it via e-mail, too.

I am also open for regular commissions.
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July 26, 2012
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